Learning – Leadership – Church – World

ϱ, together with all its Principals and Leadership Teams from across the country, launched its new Strategic Directions on the 23 November 2019.  These Strategic Directions enhance our mission as Catholic schools in the Edmund Rice tradition and set the strategic agenda for the ϱ Board and Executive.

In the context of the Gospel, our Catholic Tradition, the charism of Edmund Rice, our Charter and Touchstones, the wisdom of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples, our 2018 Congress, and faithful to our school communities, ϱ envisions its future through the following framework:

OUR VOICES:  in Learning • in Leadership • in the Church • in the World

PARADIGM SHIFTS:  Reconciliation • Ecology • Diversity • Language

ENABLERS:   Relationships and Communication • Governance and Compliance • Resourcing • Sustainability

ϱ Strategic Directions 2020-2024 (PDF)
Watch - ϱ Strategic Directions 2020-2024 (Video)