St Virgil’s Moves towards Yr 12

2024 is an exciting new chapter for St Virgil’s College, Hobart, TAS, as the College will celebrate their first Year 12 graduates in 30 years.

“In an exciting new chapter for St Virgil’s and the Hobart community, in 2024 we will celebrating our first Year 12 graduates in 30 years. Our students will step out into the world not just as individuals but as friends, brothers and a foundation for life-long bonds.

We have consistently and confidently progressed towards this step and with the introduction of Year 11 this year, the College continues to lead the way in boys’ education to provide firm connections, tailored learning and opportunities, and our common Virgilian values.

Our specialist and devoted teachers believe in the benefits of boys’ education, providing high-quality, practical and engaged learning opportunities for our young men.”